04 November 2004

Knitting Some Pants, Making Some Plans

Well, I've gotten a bit further on my No Sweat Pants from Interweave Knits. Last night, I made the big step of joining all the leg pieces. Now I need to knit about 7 more inches and then I can get to blocking, seaming, and crocheting the drawstring. I hope to have them done before November 14, so I can wear them to the crop that day (along with my tiara, of course).

I have a new idea for something that would really help me get organized. As some of you may or may not know, I have a thing for organization. Well, rather, I have a thing for thinking about organization. I like to imagine how much better and more successful I would be if I would just get my shit together and get organized.

This idea is gold though. The sort of thing that someone like me sees as some kind of a Holy Grail if you will. The sort of thing that combines all of those other, lesser plans for organization into one singular, uber-organizational beacon of light. A life binder. Yep, a giant binder with the tools to keep my entire life in a state of organization. I would include things like these:
  • Christmas/Holiday card list
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Quirky Holidays, Important Events (imagine being that person who sends a card for EVERYTHING, on time, to the right people...*sigh*)
  • Goals/Financial Goals (you know, move, buy a house, buy a new car, etc.)
  • Vet Records
  • Grocery Lists and Coupons
  • Current bills and expenses, with updatable calendars, pockets to hold the last 12 months of invoices and records of payment). There would also be an At-A-Glance page to look at.
  • Projects (current, future, priority)
  • Vehicle service records and lists of things that I'd like to do to my car
  • Wish lists
  • Lists, lists, lists and more lists. I really like lists. They make me feel organized

This binder would be in addition to my regular yearly planner that I carry everywhere with me and oooooh and aaaaaaaahh at.

03 November 2004

First post

I'm just testing this thing out. I'll get to some actual content later. Thanks