04 February 2009


You'd think that the state's website to file state income taxes would be up to par to work on all browsers, right? WRONG! After screwing around in IE for about 10 minutes, I finally decided to just try Firefox. Guess what? Totally fine. Annoying, but done now.

02 February 2009

Wheel in the Sky

A little Journey reference to start the post off on a random note :)

Hm. Well, as the ever lovely contributor Bakagaijiin mentioned, I'm lazy, so most of the blogging going on around here has been from her :) She's an excellent contributor, so I'll have to keep her around for awhile yet.

Go, Steelers! I'm pretty happy that they won, as Satchel looked very handsome wearing his sister's old Steelers jersey. He's a good boy, and puts up with me putting clothes on him. My chili was a success, and the grilled avocado quesadillas were well received also. YUM!

One of the guys who delivers parts to us here at the shop introduced me to the Redwall series of books. I've become a woman obsessed! They are totally written for kids, but have excellent storylines, and the FOOD. OMG. The descriptions of what the Abbey dwellers eat always makes me yearn to learn to cook those things. Plus, animals acting like tiny, smarter people is a surefire way to hook me in. For good measure I threw in a rereading of The Wind in the Willows, which was a fun one to go back to after so many years.

As a measure to prevent my brain from getting mushy, I'm also rereading Requiem for a Dream as my required Grown Up Reading Selection.

Knitting: I've knit quite a few things since my last update-probably too many to go into, so I'll talk about what's current.

First, I'm working on a thank-you hat in exchange for some badass hockey tickets I received from a super duper awesome customer. After that, I have two more of the same pattern to make, one for my dad, and one for the Mr. (I'm using the Seaman's Cap pattern, first made known to me by the fancy Hello Yarn. It is now my favorite boy hat pattern. Knits up quickly in worsted weight yarn, is easy to size, and looks very nice when finished.)

After those simple hats, I'm going to design a super awesome stranded hat featuring toast and bears for my aforementioned contributor, Bakagaijiin.

My big project right now is prepping the wool I've been washing and getting it all ready to spin up for my sheep to sweater project. It is very relaxing to sit and comb and comb and comb. The black fleece I got at the Estes Park Wool Market last summer is lovely. It is really very clean; almost no vegetable matter at all. And it is combing out into a great, soft, fluffy cloud. The big combs my Mr. got me for Xmas are a pleasure to work with. (From Paradise Fibers.)

I'm super happy about Obama!

Okay, that's enough for now. I have to work.