13 October 2007

Wireless R0xx0rs and other Saturday Fun

I heart wireless. So much so that I'm not even using it right this minute, but I had to upload some pictures. The guy that the Mr. is doing prototyping work for gave us a wireless router, and today, they got it all set up. I came home from my errands to Nerdville USA. There were THREE laptops out on the kitchen counters, the Mr. was fiddling with the PSP, and our desktop computer was also on. I immediately snagged an empty laptop and checked out the wonders of the internet in the kitchen. Awesome.

Earlier, I went out on a little journey to the yarn store, the library, and to Jerusalem's to pick up some food. First up, the yarn store. I parked, saw a Thunderbird car show, and had to visit a cute pink 1957 Thunderbird convertible. Then to the yarn store to browse (and shop. Shutup, I'm powerless in that place). I sat down and knit a little on a sock, chit chatting with another knitter who was working on attaching a handle to a purse. Just as I'm fondling some Rowan Tapestry yarn, a woman storms in and asks if anyone in there drives a black Echo. Another woman confirmed that it was her car, and the stormer yells, "First, you're parked illegally, and second, you hit my fucking brand new Cobalt!!" Naturally, the whole place is silent, other than this exchange. The Echo driver says that she's sure she didn't hit the other car, and maybe she just tapped it. Yeller yells at Echo that her bumper is fucking touching her bumper. The Yeller and the Echo driver go outside, and we all gathered at the window to check out the situation. The Echo driver WAS parked very poorly, AND touching the Cobalt's bumper. I won't make excuses for that kind of poor driving etiquette, but damn, Yeller could have handled the situation with just a touch more class.

Next, I headed for the library, and there was a sidewalk chalk artist drawing a beautiful mural for Banned Books Month. I successfully picked up Slaughterhouse Five and Animal House.

Afterwards, I headed over to Jerusalem's to pick up some falafel and a shish kabob sandwich. I must have been spoiled by Blake's cooking at Yarn School, but my falafel was subpar in comparison. I was pretty bummed, since I've been craving the good stuff since the day I had it in Kansas. Luckily, my shish kabob sandwich was delicious, like most of Jerusalem's food, and I was sated.

As far as knitting goes, I'm working on a few things at the moment.

This is the first sock I'm making for the Mr. I frogged the Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks, and used just the ribbing for the top. I'm doing the rest in plain stockinette so I can knit them on the go without using a pattern. Plus, these things are huge, so doing a fussy diamond pattern on not one, but TWO whole socks would drive me to the bottle.

This is the first sock of the pair using Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The pattern is Beatrix. I can't start the second one until I finish one of the Mr.'s socks.

Here is my Kiri shawl in progress. I'm really enjoying the colors in this yarn. it is Dicentra Designs alpaca laceweight, in Abalone Dark.

And finally, the Victoriana Top is finished.

I should have knit a smaller size, but I love it anyway.

08 October 2007

Tey iz feeddin me

This post is to make my mom feel a little better, as we are babysitting their dog, Krystal, while my folks are out of town.