13 May 2009

Shameless stoner promotion

Everybody go to www.comedyfilmnerdsdotcom.com and buy a copy of Doug Benson's cd Professional Humoredian. Right now. Report back in ten days.

This is how nerds watch Lost

12 May 2009


I went for a "run" today. It was sad. I've got a long way to go from .75 miles today to the 26.2 marathon in October. Dayum.

05 May 2009


How fun is painting pots? I started my gaming set of dishes, painting a Fallout dinner plate and a Quake 4 dinner plate. I need to decide what other two games I'm going to focus on for the rest of the set. Bioshock will probably win for one of the slots, and I might throw a wrench into the works and do Katamari for the other.

Work is killing me this week-so many things I'd rather be doing with my time, like polishing up the code for the tattoo site to make it all super XHTML strict compliant, creating more stuff for background images and whatnot in photoshop, learning more code, taking pictures, taking the pup to the park, knitting, gaming....any other thing I could mention pretty much :D

I did pick up some new toys for my camera this weekend! First, I borrowed some extension tubes for macro shots from my dad, and they are super fun! Not quite as fun as the 105mm macro lens that Adrian got to play with, but it is scratching the itch. I also picked up a few Cokin filters and the lens mount to play with. I want to go back and get some of the graduated color filters as well. Wolf Camera has them on sale right now. (Dibs on all the Wolf Camera locations in Englewood & Littleton. All dibs found on The Canary's Tusks are legally binding, and you will have agreed to this contract by the action of reading all of this drivel. MissCritiki, Esq.)

Scones are delicious, a minimum of 3 items must be obtained to constitute a pile, clouds are awesome, people jogging in coveralls are dedicated.