19 September 2009


Peeing in the woods is awesome

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18 September 2009

14 September 2009

Baka's Updates

I see that when I am negligent in posting I get interesting things like dogs in lederhosen! Baka is the best fill-in blogger I've ever known!

People, do you know she can run MILES?! Like many more than 10 miles. She is so badass. Also, she is coming to visit Denver at the end of the month, which is so awesome I might have peed a little when I found out!

I'm going to the Avs game on October 1st, when they retire Joe Sakic's #. There will be crying, and for once, there will indeed be crying in hockey.

Next weekend is my cousin's wedding in Grand Lake. It should be super fun, plus I got a new dress compliments of my nice mommy, and I can't wait to wear it! It is fucking fabulous!

So ready for fall, people! I want to eat pot pies & chili & things containing pumpkin! Bring it on! Fuck you, 80+ degrees! Fuck you right in the ear.

Finished the February Lady sweater, but no pics with buttons or anything yet. I also am almost done with a hat (Hermione Hearts Ron, pattern from Ravelry). I want to make the Owls sweater next. You'd get links, but I'm lazy and trying to do a quick update.

05 September 2009

A few things

#1: cricket wireless sucks so so badly. If you are fathoming acquiring
their service, don't.

#2: Halloween 2 is fucking awesome. How do I love thee, Zombies? Let
me count the ways

#3: I totally wish I went to hogwarts

01 September 2009