07 May 2008

Elephant Provolone

Elephant Provolone, originally uploaded by skullymom13.

Catching up with some pics I've taken over the last few months with my camera phone.

I saw this while waiting in line at my grocery store deli. I'm not exactly sure what elephants and provolone have in common, but who cares? Cheese!

Satch with his puppy

Satch with his puppy, originally uploaded by skullymom13.

Satchel loves this puppy. He picked it out for his birthday at Lewis & Bark, and carries it with him on walks.

Random Bjork

Random Bjork, originally uploaded by skullymom13.

Trying to catch up on some pics I've taken with my cell phone the last few months.

Taken in downtown Denver near Capital Hill. I think the mural is on the side of an ice cream shop.