16 May 2007

Victoriana in Progress Back

Victoriana in Progress Back, originally uploaded by skullymom13.

Here is the Victoriana Top, in progress. I'm using a baby alpaca/silk blend yarn from Elann.com. Seriously? This thing is going to be one of my favorite things to wear when it is finished (provided that it FITS!). The fabric the yarn produces is so sproingy soft and light. *sigh*

14 May 2007

Degeneration SUCKS

Skully playing with baby Satchel

I haven't much discussed this with my interweb friends at length, but it is time to talk about it I think, at least to release some of this into the open.

About a year ago, my precious girl, Skully P. Tatoes, began having some issues walking. Nothing major at the time, just the occasional stumble from her hind legs. Here, a year later, she's gotten to the point where I'm seriously considering a doggie wheelchair for her. She drags her hind legs, gets them tangled up, scrapes her paws, and falls over a lot.

What she has is called Degenerative Myelopathy, which is like a dog version of MS. That article goes into far more confusing detail than necessary for my purposes, but explains well what exactly is going on with Skully's nervous system.

I get strange looks at the dog park until people find out what is going on with her, because she looks like quite a sight, stumbling around looking like the Little Engine That Could. I have to carry her up and down the steps so we can take walks, 4-5 times a day. She is only 8, and has been in incredible health since I've had her.

The good news about her having this particular disease is that she really doesn't feel any pain because of it. More frustration, than anything, I think.

Anyway, we're doing what we can to try to prevent her condition worsening, including acupuncture, and a more regimented exercise program. I've also got her taking a specific Bach flower remedy as a mood enhancer.

11 May 2007

I'm a terrible blogger

An update since last post:

Aftur is DONE!

I've started the Victoriana Top in the Cornflower blue shown on the same page. I'm in love with the feel of this yarn. Incredibly soft & light, perfect for spring days & summer nights.

I picked up some alpaca laceweight in a variegated color scheme including some blues, greens, & purples; it is destined for the Kiri shawl

The Irish Hiking Scarf is in hibernation, but it remains, patiently waiting for me to pick it back up once the pinwheel blanket is done.

Annnnd the sock I started for work is just irritating me with its dullness, so instead I shall rip it out and use the yarn for some Jaywalkers.

In spinning news, I picked up some absolutely gorgeous & soft (and prepared!) alpaca fiber in a lovely fawn color at the alpaca show here in Denver this past weekend. Why is it that I have to work, instead of spinning and knitting all day?

Also, check out Ravelry.com. Right now it is only in the BETA testing phases, but trust me, it is well worth the wait. You can catalog your projects, queue, stash yarn, needles, and spy on what others are up to as well!