20 February 2008

Birthday, Scarves, and Guns!

A few little things!

I had a birthday! Hooray! I went with my mom and dad to the shooting range to fire off a few rounds. They got my favorite Creepy Guy With Moustache targets back!

Then my mom, aunt, and Jefer went to have tea at Tres Jolie.

Much fun was had!

I've also got my hands on the DH Around the World Scarves! I have 6 done, and 5 photographed.

That's about all!

08 February 2008

Oh and also!

I almost forgot! I finished a few more things!

My Beatrix socks are DONE! The Irish Hiking Scarf is DONE! Pictures will follow once I wash and block them.

I am halfway through the 2nd giant man sock for the Mr., and only have about 3 rows, binding off, blocking, and end weaving left on the Kiri shawl. As soon as I finish the shawl, I can start a new project, holy shit, FINALLY! :D So excited.

A Visit to Pueblo, CO

Monday & Tuesday I accompanied the Mr. on a quick trip to Pueblo, CO. I had never been there, despite its proximity to me, and thought, hell, why not? We drove down on Monday, leaving snow in Denver, passing Pike's Peak, and arriving to gorgeous blue skies and 50 degree weather.

We had lunch at Cracker Barrel (I know, cheesy!), and then the Mr. got to work. I decided to explore a little, and ended up in Stem Beach. This is about all that was there: Yup, no beach (not an accessible one anyway), and a closed down boarded up Mini-Mart.

Since Stem Beach ate up about 30 minutes, I started driving, and noticed some signs for Lake Pueblo State Park. I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there, taking pictures and knitting.

After going to the hotel and showering and changing clothes, we headed over to the car wash. The Mr. washed his car, and I poked around and found some interesting things to take pictures of: Monday night we went to the best happy hour at the Green Light Tavern, where ALL drinks are a buck. Seriously. Afterwards, we went to the Irish brewery next door, where I enjoyed several fun martinis, AND these incredible shots of Ketel One vodka that had been steeping in fresh cranberries, limes, and lemons. Delicious. The food was also delicious, well worth revisiting.

It snowed on Monday night, so all of Tuesday's activities were indoors for me! After dropping off the Mr. to work, I headed to the historic shopping district, with the intention of wandering around poking into stores. It was a bit too early, so I found a tiny bakery and bought some fresh bagels, went to a nice little diner and enjoyed some pancakes, and waited for 10:00 am to arrive.

The first place I went to was the delightful yarn store, Colorado Fiber Arts. If anyone ever finds themselves in the Pueblo area, GO THERE. Super awesome! They have a lovely selection of yarns, and they also carry supplies for spinning and weaving! The people there are extremely friendly, and I even caught a glimpse of a We Call Them Pirates mitten that someone was knitting! Hello Yarn, you're famous all over, lady! I ended up buying a bottle of SOAK, a few lovely skeins of coordinating green Cascade 220 yarn, a pair of earrings made by Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail (sorry, I can't find a website, but trust me, they are awesome!). The earrings are balls of yarn with knitting needles shoved through them. Very cute.

After the yarn store, I still had some time to kill before the Mr. would be done and we could go home. I ended up going to the
Steelworks Museum. I had an excellent time, and heard that the building they are in now is only phase 1. They'll be adding another building in the next several years. There was a machine that we got to use to make nails. There was also interesting information about the nurses that were specially schooled by Colorado Fuel & Iron to treat the kinds of injuries and sicknesses that befell the workers in the mines and in the mill. There were original nurses' uniforms and a fabulous nurses' cape. I'd love to find one like it. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures inside the museum. Another place I would highly recommend visiting if you find yourself in Pueblo.

I then headed over to meet the Mr., and we headed back home. We picked up Satchel from my parents' house, and went home!