08 July 2008

Uberlist Failure!

Well, fuck me, I totally blew off "Blog Once A Week," didn't I? Well, I've got so much fun knitting stuff to share, and some knitting confessions as well.

First, the beautiful and fabulous and talented Bakagaijin knit me a lovely pink shawl. I wish it were chillier so I could wear it all the time RIGHT NOW!

Here it is:

Sorry about this picture's quality, but self-timer is only so great a photographer!

Secondly, I FINALLY finished the giant man socks. It feels so good to be done with them, and the Mr. is happy to finally have some comfy hand knit socks of his very own! The one skein of Trekking XXL was JUST enough to finish, I probably have about 10 yards left.

Next, I've been working on a cotton tank with some bulky/chunky Nature Cotton. I didn't really find any patterns I loved for a tank top with big yarn, so I did some measuring and started knitting. I'm done with the front & back, both the boob parts, and now need to seam it up and figure out what I want to do about straps.

I did rip the first attempt at boob coverage out, nixed the yellow seed stitch borders, and refigured the decreases to leave plenty of boob coverage.

These guys have been done for a bit, but not blogged:

Mrs. Beeton's from Knitty, in some Hello Yarn sock yarn and Kid Silk Haze. I made 3 pairs of these, in different colors. One for me, one for Bakagaijin, and one for my mom.

Now the confessional:
I still haven't blocked the Irish Hiking Scarf or the Kiri Shawl. And I still haven't photographed the finished Beatrix socks either. Maybe this weekend :)