16 March 2009

Day one: 20 hours and 12 minutes

Waiting for BBQ takeout for dinner. Just dropped satch at my folks house and am sad I won't see him until tomorrow :(

Still no smoking. My arms feel weird, and I feel like my eyes are all wide open. Like they might bug out of my face.

I sure hope tomorrow is easier! There will be car knitting ok the long drive.

Foods done I'm going to go drive home.

Day One-10 hours and 6 minutes without smoking

And yes, about 6 1/2 of those I was sleeping, but it still counts. I kind of want to smoke right now. But I'm not going to. Can't even bum one because everyone else is quitting too!

My cravings haven't been too bad so far. I've gotten a craving now and again this morning, but they have passed. Physically, I'm getting a twinge in my joints now and again, the fingers on my right hand are sort of tingly, and that's about all. No big loogies or anything as of this point.

This afternoon I'm going to have to bring some knitting to work on, to keep my hands busy when I'd normally be taking a break and smoking. Fiber is much healthier to be addicted to.

Anyway, so far so good. You may be seeing me later with an explosion, but we'll see. Let's try to keep it calm.