28 April 2009


Okay, I'm a few days behind here, but I've been busy!

Week Two Day Three Results:

Max: 20
Total: 65

Max: 40
Total: 131

Max: 30
Total: 112

I also did the second exhaustion test, yesterday.

Push-ups: 30
Sit-ups: 73
Squats: 55

Now I'll be ready to move on to week three, starting tomorrow!

To elaborate on the chili cookoff: Once again, the judges obviously are not smart. The chili they chose for second place in the red category was really yummy, but the first place chili wasn't awesome really. Too....something. The first place winner in the Freestyle category was AWESOME. I'm wondering if their criteria for the red category are just bananas. They usually are pretty accurate in the other categories...Hm. I can't wait until next year's cookoff! I always love tasting everyone's chili, and no matter what happens, it is all for charity!

I got my hair trimmed Sunday, it looks pretty now! I also met up with Jefer and we picked up our pots from the previous week. The Vault-Tec dog bowl looks rad all fired and shiny! I am taking Thursday off and we are going to go paint again. No, we are not addicted or anything.

Oh! Satchel almost went swimming on Sunday! He got into the water like usual, and not paying attention because he was too busy concentrating on another dog, went in a little too deep! He got completely wet, but found his footing again rather quickly. Poor little guy!

Spent some time with Photoshop working on the art for the tattoo shop website, so I feel good that it is coming together now. It is hard to feel like progress has been made until it starts looking pretty too.


25 April 2009

the people have spoken!

It's official! I won peoples choice again this year! Yay for chili!!

32 chilis being judged

24 April 2009

Ugh I wish I could just stay home the rest of the afternoon. Satchel is being super cute

Things I Need to Do Tonight: A List in B Minor

To be done tonight, whether I feel like it or not! :)

1. Push-ups, sit-ups, and squats
2. Shop for chili ingredients
3. Make chili
4. Clean out fridge so big chili pot will fit tonight
5. Work on tattoo site images
6. Shower-unless I want to wake up SUPER early tomorrow morning. Not going to happen.
7. Punch the assholes who put baby puppies in a plastic bag in Windsor. If you assholes do a google search and come up with this blog-it is ON. People like you deserve to have terrible, terrible things to happen to you. I'd be happy to oblige.
8. *ahem* If I can, play new character in Fallout
9. Get ready to kick ass at the chili cook-off.
10. More chapters of CSS

23 April 2009

Honey Goldfish

Taste almost just like Honey Teddy Grahams. Yum.

Day Two Week Two

Horribly pathetic tonight! My left foot cramped up during the squats so I had to stop at fewer than I would have liked, and my push-ups made my cry. Remind me NOT to overdo them and try to show off how many consecutive ones I can do right after already doing my official sets? Okplzthx.

Anyway, here are the numbers.

Max: 15 :(
Total: 55

Max: 30 :(
Total: 103

Max: 40
Total: 121

I suppose walking a few miles at the dog park count as something though, so I'll take it. Exercise is GOOD.


...Baka is not doing much of anything.

Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh
Totally motionless except for her heart
Mud flowed up into lumps pyjammas
She totally confused all the passing piranhas

And now that is going to be stuck in my head ALL DAY.

Oh, I did join a gym! Haven't been yet, though! Heh.

22 April 2009

Space Christmas

Why do I always forget how horribly awesome Santa Claus Conquers the
Martians is? Thank jeebus for MST: 3K

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Hooray! It is Wednesday, my early day, which equals taking the Satch man to the big fancy dog park! It's going to be close to 80 degrees today, which means I might be joining in with Satchel in the river. It also normally means that Lost would be on tonight, but instead we are getting a weird retrospective/insight thing, so instead I'll probably rotate between Fallout/other video game, working on my February Lady sweater which I'd like to wear sometime before it gets too hot for a lacy swingy cardigan, and reading about Learnin' Stuff. I also need to get Photoshop going on some of the tattoo pics for the website. I've got some ideas that occurred to me while half asleep that just might work!

21 April 2009

Day One Week Two

Max: 20
Total: 56

Max: 45
Total: 109

Max: 60
Total: 132

GO me! I did sit-ups first this time, and was about to really max those out. Watching the Hills is conducive to pretend workouts.

20 April 2009

Yep, they're still milking this one

Particle Man

Particle Man burned down the birdhouse in my soul while whistling in the dark after talking to you and your racist friend.

I need to stop listening to They Might Be Giants after drinking VC (aka Crack in a Cup). Andy brought me a SMALL VC this afternoon-I feel like a hummingbird!

When I try climbing a 14er, I should just prep with a large VC; I'll practically fly up the mountain!

I've got to break up the push-ups etc. totals somehow, people. This is what you get in the meantime.

I'm also feeling really official-I'm practically buried in Learnin' Books about script and code and your mom.

17 April 2009

Day three week one

Alright, here are tonight's results!

Max: 20
Total: 52

Max: 30
Total: 91

Max: 40
Total: 107

I'm ready for you, week two!

In other news I'm watching Milk, and I love it! Sean Penn is totally
rocking my socks; he's amazing and it makes me so so sad that we are
STILL dealing with bigotry here.

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16 April 2009

Day Two Week One

Here are my results from Day Two of Week One for pushups, situps, and squats.

Max: 15
(total from last night-41)

Max: 40
(total from last night-103)

Max: 32
(total from last night-87)

So I blew away the totals from Monday! Let's see how awesome Friday is!

15 April 2009

Tiny Charlotte being relocated

Testing mobile posting!

Dating Nosmo King

Miz Critiki is totally dating Mr. Nosmo King. I hope they get MARRIED. 4 EVER! 'Kay then, some science:


My take on it behavioral modification:
I bet if someone punched you in the neck or kicked you in the taco every time you even WENT near a cigarette, you'd quit pretty fast. So much for bad behavior.

My behavior is generally rather bad and when combined with Miz Critiki, we are like the Wonder Twins of Naughtiness. And poop jokes.

Both: Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
Miz Critiki: Form of a, uh, hmmm...an ICE POOP! A BIG COILED ONE!
Both: Yay!

Wow. That was random.

14 April 2009

Kicking ass, not yet taking any names

In an effort to do something with myself without cigarettes, I decided to check out the websites for Hundred Push-Ups, Two Hundred Sit-ups, both mentioned in my last update, as well as the other sister site Two Hundred Squats. I've done the initial tests for all three, and have completed Day One of Week One for all three as well.

In the interest of full disclosure, as well as some accountability to keep me on it, here are my results to the present:

One Hundred Pushups (I'm doing the kind using my knees-it counts!):
Initial Test-8
Day One Week One max-10

Two Hundred Sit-ups (really crunches):
Initial Test-31
Day One Week One max-35

Two Hundred Squats:
Initial Test-32
Day One Week One max-20

All improved except the squats, but the max set is one you do AFTER doing 4 other sets of varying numbers. So total I did 88 sit-ups, 30 pushups, and 67 squats.

I can't wait to see more progress!

08 April 2009

While I'm here-week 3 report

I'm now on week three of quitting smoking! We're still having our cheats now and again, but overall I feel really good! I'm going to have to start exercising, not because I'm gaining weight from quitting (I'm not snacking as a replacement), but because now I'll be able to!

I'd like to work on links I got through Lisa on DH, for Hundred Pushups and its sister site Two Hundred Situps, as well as busting out my workout DVDs, and I also need to get my bike fixed so I can ride to work, now that it is light out late enough to safely be on the river trail. Right now, second gear won't engage, so all I have are first and third. Netflix seems to have some of their workout DVDs available on watch instantly, so that may be the thing to do as well to mix things up.

Today will be a park day for the dog, so I'll get a few miles of walking while we're there. The weather has been uncooperative, so he hasn't been in more than a week!

Nothing to see here

Move along people, nothing to see here....


I wanted to embed this little guy, but I don't have time to figure out why Blogger chooses to cut it in half.