08 November 2007

Knitting ADD

It is official. I've got myself a severe case of knitting ADD. The Yarn Harlot might call it startitis. The Giant Man Socks, the Beatrix Socks, the Kiri Shawl, and the Irish Hiking Scarf just aren't enough, you know. I was thinking the other night how NICE it would be to have a warm, toasty shawl to curl up in during the upcoming chilly evenings. Instead of just grabbing my (finished) Clapotis, and wrapping it round my shoulders, I decided that I MUST start knitting a Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl.

I've also ordered a bunch of Knitpicks Palette in various colors, so I could knit some sweet mittens like these super awesome ones like Adrian at Hello Yarn makes.

ANY.way. Yeah. I have Knitting ADD.

Oh! Here is a hat I finished, modeled by the always lovely and cooperative Satchel:

Pattern: My own, standard hat with earflaps
Yarn: Crystal Palace Merino Frappe in blue, Elle Lussuria in fuzzy, soft white
Needles: US 6 (made a nice fabric, # of stitches cast on worked for my big head)