19 January 2005

Get yer fresh furniture here!

So last night I was watching TV (surprised? no.) and there was a furniture store commercial on. The guy mentioned the "Winter Furniture Market." Immediately thoughts of a farmer's market like set up popped into my head. All set up with different stalls from the different furniture farmers, hocking fresh picked, organically grown ottomans, sofas, and loveseats. There would have to be a lady that made homemade leather sofas, and a few farmers around that would be able to just thump on a few recliners and tell you that they are ripe and ready to take home.

18 January 2005

Oh yeah, knitting

I promised knitting, and knitting you shall receive! Right now I'm in the middle of a hat for Mr. Critiki, and will then be starting on Clapotis. The hat is dark grey and pale yellow, with some 2x2 ribbing along the bottom. Hopefully when I'm done I can figure out how to post pictures to this stupid thing. I'll be working on Clapotis for a Stitch-a-Long I'm doing with a lovely group of ladies from the message boards I belong to. The only requirements for the project is that it be finished by 3/15, and that it be something to warm your neck. I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!

For my Clapotis (which even though I KNOW is pronounced Cla-po-tee, I insist on pronouncing it Cla-po-tiss), I am going to use the Noro Silk Garden. At the yarn store the other day I had decided on the Kureyon, but now that the yarn goddess frowned upon my purchase, it would probably be better to pick something else out. More details when I actually have photos to share too!

Little Miss Scaredy Pants

Skully is such a wuss. I love her to pieces, but....WUSS! Today at lunch, I was playing the tummy game with her (I'll explain later), and Miss Clumsypants rolled over and OFF of the bed!!! I freaked out, she was stunned for a second, and I checked her over for injuries. I found that she had broken her dewclaw almost completely off, but except for some slight bleeding, she was okay. Then I went to get the Bow-Ow kit. She hates the Bow-Ow kit. She starts shaking, and freaking out while I try to clean and bandage her paw. It is even harder when there isn't a second person there to hold and soothe her during the bandaging process. I'd bet that the little sneak is at home right now, taking that bandage right off.

She has a vet appointment for Saturday, let's hope that she is calmer for them than she is for me!

16 January 2005


Today I had two seperate, but equally marvelous experiences when I felt completely alone. The feeling of solitude was incredible. First, Skully and I went over to Centennial Park, and perhaps because of the chill, there was not one other person there. The silence was so peaceful. Well, that nature-y kind of silence with the birds singing, the ducks quacking, the geese honking, and the water babbling. By the time we walked around most of the lake, two other people had shown up, but they stayed on the hill at the very west end of the park, and therefore couldn't ruin the feeling I had. We stood at the edge of the water and watched the ducks for awhile. There was this all-white, super bossy duck that would swim silently up behind another duck, and then loudly QUACK at it. We moved on and went back to the car, but I carried with me that calm feeling for the rest of the day.

Later on tonight, and just for a few minutes during our night time walk, I felt it again. No cars coming up the street, no other people out walking their dogs, just us. Made me start thinking about how cool it would be to be the only person in the world for an entire day. Everyone else could stay at home (unless they are bartenders, cashiers, chefs, or bakers). I could walk the river trail without being run over by kamikaze bicyclists, go grocery shopping without waiting in line or saying "excuse me" 100 times, go to the yarn store without bumping into crabby old ladies...exquisite.

05 January 2005

So its a New Year....

and all the cool kids are doing it. Making resolutions that is. I've got 105 of them, in fact. Actually, make that 104, since one of them I've already done! The biggies are on there: quit smoking, lose a bunch of weight, get some exercise, become financially stable, and there are others, related to improving my life in other areas as well.

Let's start by doing a good deed for a friend! Her blog is up to win an award for the best Knitting/Craft blog. You can vote for her by going here and voting for Hello Yarn. She is wicked creative and deserves it very much!

Alright, I need to do some obligatory bitching about the cold weather. It is freaking cold out there! My toes are STILL numb and I've been inside all day! My hands are cold, and my legs are cold. I want to go home, light a fire, and work on a project of some sort. And I really want to smoke. Yes, yes I do. There should also be a blanket.

I miss Skully. I haven't seen her ALL day. Not since this morning, and due to the weather, I didn't go home for lunch. I just went to pick up her monkey chow and then back to the shop. Bah!

Well, I wrote something! Another of my resolutions is in action!